Other compensation

Members of the EC are eligible to participate in the Employee Share Acquisition Plan (ESAP), a savings plan based on stock options, which is open to employees around the world. Seven members of the EC participated in the 14th annual launch of the plan in 2017. EC members who participated will, upon vesting, each be entitled to acquire up to 380 ABB shares at CHF 26.26 per share, the market share price at the start of the 2017 launch.

For a more detailed description of ESAP, please refer to “Note 18 Share-based payment arrangements” to ABB’s Consolidated Financial Statements contained in the section titled “Financial review of ABB Group” of this Annual Report.

In 2017, ABB did not pay any fees or compensation to the members of the EC for services rendered to ABB other than those disclosed in this report. Except as disclosed in the section “Business relations between ABB and its EC members” of the Corporate governance report, ABB did not pay any additional fees or compensation in 2017 to persons closely linked to a member of the EC for services rendered to ABB.