Performance measures

We evaluate the performance of our divisions based on orders received, revenues and Operational EBITA.

Operational EBITA represents income from operations excluding:

  • amortization expense on intangibles arising upon acquisitions (acquisition-related amortization),
  • restructuring and restructuring-related expenses,
  • non-operational pension cost comprising: (a) interest cost, (b) expected return on plan assets, (c) amortization of prior service cost (credit), (d) amortization of net actuarial loss, and (e) curtailments, settlements and special termination benefits,
  • changes in the amount recorded for retained obligations of divested businesses occurring after the divestment date (changes in retained obligations of divested businesses),
  • changes in estimates relating to opening balance sheets of acquired businesses (changes in pre-acquisition estimates),
  • gains and losses from sale of businesses,
  • acquisition-related expenses and certain non-operational items, as well as
  • foreign exchange/commodity timing differences in income from operations consisting of: (a) unrealized gains and losses on derivatives (foreign exchange, commodities, embedded derivatives), (b) realized gains and losses on derivatives where the underlying hedged transaction has not yet been realized, and (c) unrealized foreign exchange movements on receivables/payables (and related assets/liabilities).

See “Note 23 Operating segment and geographic data” to our Consolidated Financial Statements for a reconciliation of the total consolidated Operational EBITA to income from continuing operations before taxes.