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More than 210 market leading solutions

ABB Ability™ is resonating with industry analysts and customers

and our solutions are resulting in revenue growth by delivering compelling customer value. We estimate an annual market opportunity of up to $20 billion.

In a recent report the research and consulting firm

Frost & Sullivan named ABB Company of the Year 2017.  Citing ABB’s “visionary innovation embodied by its distributed control system (DCS) offering and its impact on customer performance,” the analysts praised our strategy to invest in start-ups as a way to foster innovation and scale up digital offerings quickly. The award recognizes ABB’s digital leadership, not only when compared to other industrial automation suppliers, but also against non-industry peers, the firm said.

The current priority for ABB is to sell our 210+ solutions to more customers. 

We are well positioned to leverage our R&D efforts to create a fast-growing and profitable digital business. We are also fostering innovation that will deliver new Ability™ solutions in the near future.

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210+ ABB Ability™ solutions are ready today

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